Racing Center JT

Rally driving with your own or rented vehicle


Racing Center JT organizes driving training, time trials and rally car rides on the track, for example for bachelor parties and other festivities. In addition, we organize rally driving in closed courses. You can also rent the course for your own car to drive. There is a 24-person hut in the area where you can warm up and enjoy tasty food.


You can rent a rally car from us or drive on your own car


Meals on site
by the fire
in the hut


Other services
e.g. fishing and trolling

Rally tracks

We have our own track area with a large handling area and 3 special stages, in which you can find tracks for both beginners and experienced drivers. There is also a service area on the track, centered on a 24-person hut.

Our cars are BMW 325 Rally Cars with 200 horsepower. In addition, we use 10 special stages in the Hyrynsalmi area, the lengths of which vary from 3 to 10 km. All special stages are closed road sections during training.

Racing Center JT - Introductory video

Contact info

Ukkohallan Matkailupalvelut Oy
Jarkko Tolonen
p. 050 559 8285